The Old Rectory Motel 

Church Road

The Old Rectory


The main part of the building originally dates back to 1535 and the old stables and coach houses have been converted into bed and breakfast accommodation.

The Old-Rectory once known as The Rectory at Brean was built in 1535 with a value of £7.04 and was enlarged and improved by the Rector Michael Terry in 1849.

It remains almost unchanged for the last 100 years, with the original stone walls and gateway leading to the steps down to the back door and Kitchen.  There is an arched doorway into the garden matching the style of St Bridgets' church next door.

Over the years the most significant change has been to the building on the right side of the entrance. The Schoolroom, Stables and the Carriage house have all been turned into neat holiday bed and breakfast homes.